Luke & Semone are musicians, writers, missionaries, and more living in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Luke and Semone Seavers met in the fall of 2011 in Lynchburg, VA, home of their alma mater Liberty University. They were married just a year later. God has united this couple together bring glory to himself, which has been displayed through their united vision and calling to serve God through music, writing, and preaching Christ to the nations.

Seasons of Faith

After only a few months of being married, God called them to quit their jobs to pursue ministry and music, trusting him for their provision. During this season, they spent their time ministering at nursing homes, homeless shelters, and their local church as worship leaders. They had the unique opportunity to experience immense growth in their relationships with God and form a healthy foundation for their marriage. God showed them many new things about the Holy Spirit and about God’s power, and he prepared them for their future ministry by revealing his provision and faithfulness to them.

Luke and Semone also had time to create. Through their gifts in writing music, they were able to produce their first EP entitled Open Arms. This six-track album each of their journeys with God, learning his grace, peace, love, and freedom. Luke also started his own production and design company, One Nine Pro, as he was able to discover and develop new gifts during this time.

Missions In Haiti

Luke and Semone have had a specific calling on their lives to go to the nations. In January 2012, while they were still dating, they had the opportunity to travel together to Zimbabwe. The Lord used this trip to confirm to them this specific calling, and a few months into their marriage, God showed them where they would be going: Haiti. God has given them vision for encouraging and empowering the people of Haiti. In the summer of 2015, Luke and Semone sold their possessions, packed their bags, and left their family and friends to move to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Today, they remain planted in Haiti, where they are committed to encouraging and empowering the poor and working to get their non-profit organization Home For The Nations off the ground. (Click here to learn more about their ministry in Haiti)

Creative Ventures

In addition to these things, Luke and Semone are creators and entrepreneurs. Together they film their Adventures In Haiti videos, talking about culture and showing what it’s like to live in Haiti. Luke works as a freelance music producer, graphic designer, and web developer through his company One Nine Pro. As he finds the time, he blogs for Spirit & Truth Blog. Semone also writes and releases videos about purpose and identity through her ministry Radiant Purpose. Her upcoming book Radiant Purpose is scheduled to release in the summer of 2016.