This post is an excerpt from Semone’s Radiant Purpose blog. Click Here to read the entire post. Special announcement: Luke and I recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina! Oh the delightful joys of moving and changing! I say this tongue-and-cheek because there are also the teetering emotions of the frightening side of moving. There are a variety of emotions during a move. There is the joy of the future and the new, as well as, the anxiety of the unknown. In this post I want to help you navigate moving to a new place. These are insights that I have learned […]

We have some important announcements that we’re excited to share with you! A New Season for Us After much prayer, God is leading us into a new season. We are transitioning from our full-time role living in Haiti to living in the States, where we will continue our work in Haiti by traveling back-and-forth. There are many factors that God has used to lead us to this decision. As you know, for the last year we had been very involved in trying to help a group of kids living in an orphanage by setting up a sponsorship program. We took […]

We shared with you how we were furnishing our apartment. Thank you to several people who were so kind and generous to help with the various needs we had. Special thanks to Kevin Zagrodonick for giving towards our fan & shower curtain, Hannah Eason for giving towards our table, Simeon & Claudette Hatcher for giving that helped reimburse our couch purchase, Andre & Monica Eason for giving that also helped reimburse our couch purchase, Randy & Susan Seavers for purchasing, coordinating, and packing a suitcase full of items (kitchen items, office supplies, tools, hygiene items, a UPS for helping our […]