My wife and I have gone through various seasons in our marriage where we’ve really needed to trust God, particularly with finances. There have been times where we have been so broke, we didn’t have more than $5 to spend at the grocery store—that’s when you eat a lot of PB&J! I have always been taught that God is a provider. And he has shown me through his Word that everything we need “will be added” to us when we are seeking his Kingdom (Matt. 6:33). But, in hard times like these, it was difficult for me to really believe […]

A friend of mine, who I esteem highly when it comes to spiritual matters, once told me, “When it comes to the Holy Spirit, we’re all just guessing.” Though this statement may sound a bit like relativism, I believe there is actually a lot of truth to it. In my mind, it is the reason we see such a division surrounding the doctrine of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. There are at least two extremely opposing views on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In one camp, you have what I would nickname the “Truth Christians” who put a high value on the scriptures and knowing […]

I want to address a phenomenon in church circles knows as the “Short-Term Missions Trip.” There’s an article which I’ve seen floating around social media also talking about the short-term trip and its uselessness. The article made some very good points, many of which I have aligned with for a while now (I do recommend you read it as well); but it also came across to me as extreme and a bit cynical. As I am still in my first-year as a “Full-Term” missionary to Haiti, perhaps I haven’t been around long enough to acquire the appropriate cynicism for the […]