We have some important announcements that we’re excited to share with you!

A New Season for Us

After much prayer, God is leading us into a new season. We are transitioning from our full-time role living in Haiti to living in the States, where we will continue our work in Haiti by traveling back-and-forth.

There are many factors that God has used to lead us to this decision. As you know, for the last year we had been very involved in trying to help a group of kids living in an orphanage by setting up a sponsorship program. We took things very slow with this because orphanages in Haiti can be very messy business; and we’re glad we did because after over a year building relationship with the directors, we have determined that we can not trust them enough to work with them on this (if you’re interested, we’d be happy to share more details with you at a later time). This was a disappointing blow for us because we had invested so much time and emotional energy with these kids; but we’re also grateful that God led us to the truth before we got other people’s money involved. It helps us know that our time of learning and cultural immersion has not been in vain.

This experience was what led us to stop, pray, and reevaluate. We wrestled with this decision for several weeks, but God began telling us that we were to move back to the States. As you may know, our plans were to live in Haiti for a very long time; but sometimes God’s plans are very different. We feel that, if this is what God wants us to do, it is what’s best for our family at this time. We strongly believe that moving back is the way we will be able to be most effective in Haiti in this season. It will allow us to better advocate for the needs in Haiti, as well as empower our ministry partners there.

Same Mission, New Direction

We still feel that our mission is to empower people and develop communities. We are bringing on our good friend and ministry partner, Robinson, as Program Director. He is already working in several remote villages near Jacmel, and we will be able to come alongside him to empower him, as well as empower the people in those communities.

Living in Haiti has been the hardest thing we’ve ever done, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything. We know that all the time we invested in learning will ultimately be an investment in effective, lasting change in Haiti moving forward.

Continue to Pray

We ask that you wouldn’t stop thinking of Haiti and thinking of us in your prayers. God only knows the true effects you have had on our journey so far with your prayers and financial gifts, but we are so grateful for it! We really covet your prayers as it will be difficult transitioning from one totally different country to another. Pray that we will have time to be rejuvenated in our mental, emotional, and spiritual health after a very difficult season in Haiti. Pray for us to find a place to live, and that God would bless our businesses.

We welcome any questions you may have! We hope you have had a great holiday season with your family—we certainly have!

2 thoughts on “Major Update – Moving Back to the States

  1. Remember, “He who started a GOOD Work in You if Faithful to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil 1:6 The most wonderful blessings are birthed out of obedience. Stay the course – Proverbs 3:5-6. Praying for you both and your families as the Lord continues to direct your paths. Redirection often means growth! We send our love!

  2. I would like to more about your experience in Haiti. I moved back in September to manage a USAID project ” The rebuilding of the school of medicine ( Faculte de Medecine)”. Please write me through my email. How can I help?

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