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Special announcement: Luke and I recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina!

Charleston, South Carolina: 5 Reasons Moving Valuable

Oh the delightful joys of moving and changing! I say this tongue-and-cheek because there are also the teetering emotions of the frightening side of moving.

There are a variety of emotions during a move. There is the joy of the future and the new, as well as, the anxiety of the unknown.

In this post I want to help you navigate moving to a new place. These are insights that I have learned and am still learning from my own experience, as well as, the experiences of other people.

I will share 5 Reasons Why Moving is Valuable.

Backstory – We lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti from August 2015 to December 2016.

During that time we learned culture, language, and worked with kids in an orphanage. Our hope was to create a sponsorship program for the children, build homes for people, create jobs, and share Jesus with people along the way.

Our “big picture” vision was to stay there long-term working to empower and encourage Haitians. We had amazing opportunities to serve through building relationships with people, hosting a girls conference, serving church friends and family as God led us, and more. We also learned a ton from the wonderful people we met while living in Haiti. There’s a lifetime’s worth of lessons, joys, and sorrows that we gained from our time in Haiti.

Charleston. South Carolina: 5 Reasons Moving Valuable

(Me with some of the kids from the orphanage in Port-au-Prince)

However, after Hurricane Matthew hit in the Fall, and we learned new information with the orphanage that was underhanded, we felt like God was calling us to re-evaluate and change our course.

It was incredibly difficult, but vital. We are definitely still processing and healing from much of our experiences in Haiti but continuing to learn and grow as well.

Change is a strange thing! After much prayer and discussion, we felt like we were supposed to return to the States. We always assumed that when we returned to the States we would move back to Lynchburg, VA. We have family and friends there, as well as a house that we own. After praying, it seemed like the Lord was leading us in a different direction.

Back in the Fall, Luke’s brother Andrew and his wife Megan (who have been huge supporters during our time in Haiti) shared with us about a church plant that they would be a part of in Charleston, South Carolina.

While we were still praying about next steps, we felt like the Lord was leading us there as well. So, we came back to the States in December, and spent time with family for the holiday season. Then we moved to Nashville with Luke’s brother and his wife for month. Then, finally, came to Charleston for the first time just last week.

Charleston. South Carolina: 5 Reasons Moving Valuable

We have most of earthly belongings in our car and have been living out of our suitcases. Yes, you heard me correctly. It’s a bit (ahem) stretching to say the least. But, we see the Lord in the midst of our journey. I’ve had highs and lows, so just know as I write, it’s comes from a place of understanding. I want you to know you are not alone.

We have been apartment hunting, living with new friends from the church, and I got a job at lovely Juice Bar called Blend. Blend specializes in smoothies, juices and cleanses that are natural.  I will be sharing more about things I am learning there that will benefit your health!

Charleston, South Carolina: 5 Reasons Moving Valuable

We are excited about Charleston for multiple reasons! Our goals here are to grow our businesses, ministries, and family.

We look forward to more opportunities to serve people with Luke’s company One Nine Pro. He is looking for clients in need of help with their marketing, branding, websites, logo design, and publishing.

When I’m not working at Blend, I’ll be continuing to grow Radiant Purpose. I’ll continue blogging, booking speaking engagements, building my coaching business, and selling Radiant Purpose books. All of these things are to help women grow in their purpose and identity!

We’re excited for this new season; and although it has been a vulnerable and healing time for us, it has also been incredibly uplifting!

The community of new friends from City Life Church have encouraged and inspired us with their journeys of moving here. There are similar themes of steps of faith and the craziness of being in-between two places, and that’s been comforting.  At times Luke and I have joked that we feel like refugees coming to America for the first time, but we are thankful for all that God is doing.

Haiti and third world countries are still in our heart! We plan to travel back part-time for projects, building partnerships with other organizations, work with local friends we have , women’s conferences and more as God leads!

So with that backstory, I wanted to share 5 Reasons Why Moving is Valuable. We’ve moved many times, and there are definitely a lot of stressors with times of change. That’s why I wanted to encourage anyone out there who may be considering moving for work, ministry or travel…

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