My wife and I have gone through various seasons in our marriage where we’ve really needed to trust God, particularly with finances. There have been times where we have been so broke, we didn’t have more than $5 to spend at the grocery store—that’s when you eat a lot of PB&J! I have always been taught that God is a provider. And he has shown me through his Word that everything we need “will be added” to us when we are seeking his Kingdom (Matt. 6:33). But, in hard times like these, it was difficult for me to really believe […]

During the past few weeks we moved a lot; from Santo to the Blue Ridge Guesthouse for a week, then the Heartline Guesthouse for 3 days then to our apartment in the Village Theodat. Most apartments in Haiti are a one year commitment with the year’s rent up front. We are still waiting to hear back about the land in Sarthe so we did not want to commit to any place for the year nor did we have the funds to do so . A friend told us about our apartment and it’s a month to month lease which is […]