We shared with you how we were furnishing our apartment. Thank you to several people who were so kind and generous to help with the various needs we had.

Special thanks to Kevin Zagrodonick for giving towards our fan & shower curtain, Hannah Eason for giving towards our table, Simeon & Claudette Hatcher for giving that helped reimburse our couch purchase, Andre & Monica Eason for giving that also helped reimburse our couch purchase, Randy & Susan Seavers for purchasing, coordinating, and packing a suitcase full of items (kitchen items, office supplies, tools, hygiene items, a UPS for helping our electricity last longer, and more), Jamie & Erin Harre (for giving towards beauty products and more) and the Haiti Bainet Missions team from TRBC for meeting with us at the airport to deliever the suitcase, Sam & Michelle McCartney for purchasing a blender for us and giving towards the UPS, Marvin & Deborah Cuevas for giving towards the UPS, Steve & Rachael Rideout for purchasing the Emu hammock & straps, Scott & Nena Meinke, & the Salt & Light Sunday School Class for their support towards the supplies also.
We really appreciate you, your generosity and your support!

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