Luke and Semone Seavers moved to Haiti as full-time missionaries in 2015. They have since co-founded Home For The Nations, a 501c(3) non-profit organization with the mission to bring hope to the destitute though empowering the poor and restoring the home. Luke and Semone's ministry is one of encouragement and empowerment, to show people their worth in Christ. They desire to serve the poor holistically by tending to both their physical and spiritual needs.

Container Homes

A significant part of the vision of Home For The Nations is to provide housing for Haitians who are in need. A unique earthquake-resistant form of housing known as "container homes" (built from repurposed shipping containers) will provide safe and affordable accommodations for many families. Entire container home communities will be built up, providing a network of support for its residents.

Church Planting

Within these communities, house churches (also known as micro-churches) will be planted. Luke and Semone long to see the bonds of corruption and religiosity broken off of the Haitian Church through experiencing freedom and true community as God intended. Through this, they desire to teach and equip Haitian believers to be spiritual leaders and commission them as missionaries to Haiti and even other nations.

Radiant Purpose Conferences

Through Radiant Purpose, Semone hosted her first women and girls conference in March with many more to come. As they grow, these conferences will bring in different women speakers to teach Haitian women to know their identity and purpose in Christ.

Orphan Care

Luke and Semone have been slowly forming a partnership with Providence De La Maison, an orphanage in the Port-au-Prince area. They have grown to love this group of kids and desire to help them in some way. While navigating the corrupt orphanage system in Haiti can be difficult, Luke and Semone are prayerfully pursuing creating a child sponsorship program for the kids. Ultimately, they long to find true homes for these children, whether through adoption or reunification with their families.

Job Creation

Not only do Luke and Semone desire to care for orphaned children, but they also want to work towards orphan prevention. They have determined that job creation is orphan prevention. Many Haitian parents give up their children to an orphanage for lack of stable income, but through empowering those parents with work, families stay can together. Home For The Nations will be able to provide jobs for Haitians in constructing container homes. Luke and Semone also desire to empower Haitians to work in agriculture, creative arts, and more.




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