Music and Lyrics by Luke Seavers


As I lay here and look at the sky

At a view not polluted by manmade light

It’s so amazing to look at the stars

And see a million just scattered out there light years far


As I stare out in the endless space

The universe surrounding me like a globe of glass, and I’m encased

I feel my world is shrinking smaller and smaller

And now I am overwhelmed, so much to say but I have no words


My delusions they all fade away

I’ve realized I’m not at the center


These galaxies are not getting smaller

‘Cause I’ve seen how small I really am

And these galaxies are getting much smaller

‘Cause I’ve seen the One who made them

I’m such a little man


I catch glimpse of a speck of light as it shoots across the sky

Such beauty revealed within such a grand design

It’s so amazing what I’ve heard said

The same God who numbered the stars, numbers the hairs on my head


Who am I that You’d know me by name

Just a mere sinner