Music and Lyrics by Luke Seavers


The amazing thing is that I keep wandering astray

When I know how much You’ve done for me day after day

And I can’t explain, ‘cause I’ve been here before in my shame

I seem to always fall, but You won’t let go of me


I will run back to Your open arms

I will come back to You Lord

And I won’t turn back I have made it this far

And I know You’ll take me back into Your arms


The amazing thing is that You are always the same

Though Your anger burns, You will always find room for grace

And I can’t explain how freely You’ve forgiven me

So I’ll lose my pride and turn the other way


A guilty man in Your embrace

Ashamed, I want to hide my face

Oh God, why have You not forsaken me?

But Jesus has overcome

And named me as a righteous one

I can’t believe this love that’s set me free


How could I forget all You’ve done for me

You’ve taken me out of my slavery

You’ve given me a way to walk across the sea

You fed me with all I could need, yeah


I will run back to Your open arms

You will see me coming from afar

And You’ll say to me, “Son welcome home,

I’ve waited for You to come back into My arms”


Into My Arms

Into My Arms