This post is an excerpt from Semone’s Radiant Purpose blog. Click Here to read the entire post. Special announcement: Luke and I recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina! Oh the delightful joys of moving and changing! I say this tongue-and-cheek because there are also the teetering emotions of the frightening side of moving. There are a variety of emotions during a move. There is the joy of the future and the new, as well as, the anxiety of the unknown. In this post I want to help you navigate moving to a new place. These are insights that I have learned […]

We have some important announcements that we’re excited to share with you! A New Season for Us After much prayer, God is leading us into a new season. We are transitioning from our full-time role living in Haiti to living in the States, where we will continue our work in Haiti by traveling back-and-forth. There are many factors that God has used to lead us to this decision. As you know, for the last year we had been very involved in trying to help a group of kids living in an orphanage by setting up a sponsorship program. We took […]